Greek School

Greek School offers the opportunity to learn the Greek language emphasizing communication through speaking, reading, and writing.

This year, Greek School will also emphasize Greek culture, art, games, and music. Classes are offered to children (starting at kindergarten age students) and adults and are held on Sundays following the Divine Liturgy from 11:45 to 1:15.

Why Come to Greek School?

Greek = Word Power    The study of Greek will improve your understanding of English, the Romance languages, and your language and communication skills.

Know Greek = Know More    Greek is one of the most important heritage languages and cultures in the world! Studying Greek strengthens your knowledge and understanding of many disciplines such as theology, philosophy, law, political science, medicine, religion, archaeology, anthropology, history, Byzantine studies, and linguistics.

Know Greek = Know Yourself    No one can understand our world today without a knowledge of Western civilization, and no one can understand Western civilization without a knowledge of the major cultures that gave rise to it. Studying the Greek language and culture gives students a sense of pride in their heritage and its contribution to the world.

Know Greek = Future Success    Learning another language helps students do better in math and standardized tests such as the SATs and can improve analytic and interpretive skills. Foreign language skills are in high demand in our global economy too!

What's New?

  • A new class schedule based on rotations where students in small groups, based on skill level and age, will rotate through three twenty-minute sessions on topics such as grammar/verbs, vocabulary/speaking, and art/music/history/culture.
  • A greater emphasis on lessons of culture, art, history, and music. In addition to learning the Greek language, students will appreciate the Greek heritage as well.
  • Time for fun and games.
  • A lunch routine that includes watching short cartoons in Greek and talking about it afterwards.
  • A "circle time" routine that will include acknowledging birthdays and name days, reviewing the weather, days of the week, months, and numbers.
  • For the older students, there will be lessons on how Greek is the base language or origin for many concepts in English including medical, botanical, legal, and academic terms. This will be useful for students as they progress in their education and prepare for standardized testing and college.
  • No weekly homework assignments. (but are happy to give homework if a parent requests it!)
  • Adult classes will follow a more traditional curriculum but will sometimes interact with the children as well.

Registration Form

The registration form for Greek School can be downloaded from the link below.

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