Sunday School

For pre-kindergarten to high school aged children

We welcome the children with enthusiasm and love! We have fantastic teachers who are very excited and have lots of fun in store. They can't wait to see how much the children have grown, hear their laughter in the church, and hear them speak of what they have done this summer. Each school year brings new energy and we embrace everything with our love of our faith.

The word of God is most essential, and we need to educate children of its significance. To reach this, we cannot simply depend on the Sunday school staff alone. We would like to give emphasis to the importance of support from you - the parents. Some people say that children learn everything at home first. Practicing scriptures, prayers and remembering the commandments at home brings them all to a good start. We know with your support and participation in the program they will grow to appreciate their Faith. Please continue to help us with our goal to ensure that the children remain well informed about their Orthodox Faith.


During the school year (usually starting the week after the "Weekend in Greece" Festival through early May), the Sunday School starts at 10 AM (same as the Divine Liturgy). The meeting in the following locations:

  • Pre-kindergarten students: In the conference room to the right of the Narthex.
  • Kindergarten through 5th grade students: In the main Sunday School room to the left of the Narthex.
  • 6th grade and older students: In the Tsakopoulos Hall.


The Sunday School program has its own Facebook group! A great way to see what's happening in Sunday School as well as a place to share ideas, pictures, news, and other information for children and parents.

Sunday School Facebook Group