One of the most consistent and unique youth ministries at Saint Katherine has been the Acolyte program. All boys from age 7 - 18 are eligible to serve as Acolytes (Altar Boys) in the Holy Altar during the Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning, well as during other special services and holidays throughout the year. Acolytes should arrive in the Altar at 9:55 AM, in order to vest in the Acolytes' robe and to prepare the censer, candles and other items for the Divine Liturgy. Proper attire for Acolytes should include black dress shoes, a dress (or collared) shirt with a neck tie if possible, and dark colored slacks.

Responsibilities include participating in the liturgical processions, taking turns reading the Epistle (age 12 & up), and ringing the church bell in the bell tower, both at the beginning and at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy.

Parents should make it clear to their sons that serving in the Holy Altar during the Divine Liturgy is a special privilege and that their best behavior is expected at all times. Serving in the Altar can be a very positive experience that will stay with a young man for the rest of his life. Nothing else can convey a sense of appreciation for holy things, a reverence for God and the spiritual life quite the same as serving as an Acolyte in the Holy Altar.

For more information and to enroll your son as an Acolyte, simply contact Father Dino.

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