Ushering Duties/Responsibilities

Arrive at Church at 9:30 AM. Pick up "usher" badges from the candle stations in the Narthex (inside the cabinet). One usher at each candle station. Greet parishioners as they enter the Narthex.

It is important that proper decorum be maintained in the Narthex area. It is not a lobby, but is the entrance to our spiritual home. Therefore, there should be minimal talking and commotion. Do no douse candles or sort money while parishioners are entering the Church. Also, if parishioners arrive after the beginning of the Liturgy, be sure they do not enter the Church when Father is delivering his sermon, when the Lord's Prayer or Creed is being recited, or during kneeling. The ushers should not move around the Narthex during these times but maintain a benevolent posture.

Father has advised that if just a couple of people arrive during his sermon, they may be directed to stand at the rear of the Church. However, if there are many people arriving late at one time, please have them stay in the Narthex.

There is a small notebook at right candle station. When there is a request for a memorial candle to be lit in from of either the Icons of the Panayia or Cristos, enter the request into the notebook at the station. Light candles such that you do not have to light candles one at a time. (3 or more requests) After the Divine Liturgy has begun, do not light candles during: the reading of the Epistle or Gospel, during the sermon, during the reciting of the Creed or the Lord's Prayer, when the parishioners are kneeling, or whenever Father is outside of the Altar. If anyone asks how much the memorial candles are, tell them it is a "free will" donation but that the usual donation is $5.

At least two Parish Council members will be in the Narthex as they may need to set up the Sunday School partitions and set up tables and chairs in the Hall. They will also be on hand to bring the Sunday School children into the Church to hear the Bible readings and sermon. If a council member is at the candle stations, the ushers should stand by the doors into the main Church.

During Communion, two Parish Council members will stand at the Soleas to help anyone needing assistance.

Upon conclusion of the Liturgy, proceed together with the two Parish Council members to receive the blessing from Father and then pass the offering baskets. If four Parish Council members are available and wish to pass the offering baskets, the users need not perform this service.

The Parish Council members will take the offering baskets and count the money in the office.

Following the announcements by Father, go immediately to the front rows on each side to usher out the parishioners aisle by aisle to proceed to receive their antidiron (blessed bread). You can slowly move toward the first aisles as he is speaking so that you are in place when he announces to proceed to receive the antidiron.

Return the badges to the candle station before leaving Church.