At Saint Katherine, our ushers assist the Parish at the conclusion of each service. Ushers are positioned at the end of each row of pews and direct the parishioners row by row to proceed down the side aisles to receive their antidiron (blessed bread). They make sure the aisles are safe and do not fill up and crowd with too many people.


Typically, each usher will serve one Sunday Divine Liturgy service per month. Additional ushers may be needed during special services.

There are five ushering groups--one per week for each month. Group 1 will usher on the first week of each month. Group 2 will usher on the second week, and so on. Group 5 will usher only during months which have five weeks; there are usually four a year.


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact a Parish Council member, the Ministry of Worship Chair, or e-mail us.

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