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The Meaning Behind Holy Week

The ancient Christian services of Orthodox Holy Week this year will be celebrated from Palm Sunday, April 9th, through Easter, April 16th. The services, conducted predominantly in English, with some Greek, and open to the public, will be held in our 8th century-style Byzantine church of Saint Katherine in Elk Grove, California. Although the dates for celebrating Easter are calculated differently for Western (Roman Catholic and Protestant) and Eastern Christian Churches, they fall on the same date this year. But more importantly, the message of Christ's resurrection brings the same joy to all.

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Fasting During Great Lent

At the end of February, we entered that beautiful time of the year known as Great Lent. During this 40-day period that precedes Holy Week, we should strive to turn our attention away from mundane and ordinary things…and toward God. One of the most effective ways to do this is by practicing the spiritual discipline (or exercise) known as fasting. By abstaining from certain foods, we learn the important virtue of self-discipline.

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Great Lent

We recently entered the beautiful period of Great Lent. These forty days provide us with an excellent opportunity to focus on our spiritual life, in preparation for the Holy Resurrection of our Lord.